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  • Storage Tin - Compost

Storage Tin - Compost

Artnr: 71210
Artikelnamn: Storage Tin - Compost
Lagerstatus: I lager
315,00 SEK



Grandmother already knew, organic waste from the kitchen can be turned into compost, with this authentic tin can, potato peelings, coffee grounds and other biodegradable waste can be collected and deposited later, on the compost heap.

The filter in the lid ensures that there is no odour, thanks to the smoothly finished inner side the kitchen composter is easy clean.
active carbon filter
ventilation holes in lid
easy to clean
Product dimensions in cm: L 23.2 x W 27 x H 21.3
Volume in liters: 6,325
Material: Carbon steel, activated carbon filter


Artikelnamn: Storage Tin - Compost
Artnr: 71210
Lagerstatus: I lager

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