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Daylight Floor Lamp - Electra

Artnr: 67890
Artikelnamn: Daylight Floor Lamp - Electra
Lagerstatus: I lager
1495,00 SEK



Change colour temperature at the touch of a button with the satin black Electra. Slim and unobtrusive, simply position the Electra behind your table, sofa or armchair so you can work or hobby with clarity and in comfort.

Easy adjust the brightness level using the tactile dimmer switch and choose the colour temperature that best suits your needs: work in Daylight 6,000K or Cool light 4,000K to see details clearly, or choose Warm light 2,700K to create a relaxing atmosphere. The anti-glare shade ensures that the light will be directed at your task in hand without disturbing anyone else in the room. The Electra Floor has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95, so you can see colours accurately at any time of day or night, perfect for arts or crafts.

Light source: LED
Lux output at 30cm: 2,500
Light colour temperature: 6,000K / 4,000K / 2,700K
Energy consumption: 13W
Product colour: Satin Black
Maximum reach: 80cm
Product weight: 4kg
Cable length: 2.2m

Beautiful black satin finish floor lamp
Choice of 3 colour temperatures- Daylight 6,000K, Cool light 4,000K or Warm light 2,700K
Slim and unobtrusive design
Flexible arm and rotating shade for perfect positioning
Easily adjust the brightness using the tactile continuous dimmer switch
Anti-glare shade ensures light is directed away from your eyes and focused where you want it
95+ CRI for exceptional clarity and accurate colours at any time of day or night


Artikelnamn: Daylight Floor Lamp - Electra
Artnr: 67890
Lagerstatus: I lager
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