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VersaCraft Ink Pad - White

Artnr: 61564
Artikelnamn: VersaCraft Ink Pad - White
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Versacraft Fabric Ink Pad for Stamps. Use on a variety of surfaces fabric paper wood and more. When stamping on fabric heat set and pre-wash to remove sizing. Great for archival scrapbooking projects due to its opacity and permanence.
Raised pad size 76mm x 47mm
Application - Fabric, unpainted wood, uncoated paper, Japanese papers,
leather(tanned leather), unglazed pottery
Drying - Needs to include drying time for paper. Treat with heat source (dryer, iron or heat gun) for at least 15 seconds for permanence. Drying time varies based on surface/material, humidity, etc.
When heat setting with an iron, place a cloth between your project and the iron.
Ink must be heat set on textiles with an iron. It is recommended that the “cotton” or “high” temperature setting be used for at least 15 seconds. Lower temperature settings may result in decreased permanence.
After heat setting, items can be washed and images will remain (varies by fabric type.) Use hair dryer to heat set VersaCraft on wood and terracotta. Ink may wash out of fabrics prior to heat setting (some staining may occur.)


Artikelnamn: VersaCraft Ink Pad - White
Artnr: 61564
Lagerstatus: Ej i lager

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